Author: Pooja Khanna

Enrich by Mindhouse

Announcing Enrich by Mindhouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes The past 12 months have been difficult to navigate, but they’ve given us all the perfect resolution, as we enter the new year – to keep working towards enhancing our overall well-being. And we’re excited to be able to provide everyone with the perfect platform to do this. Announcing Enrich by Mindhouse, a community to…

Wellness Labs by Mindhouse

Announcing Wellness Labs by Mindhouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new community initiative, Wellness Labs – a collaborative learning platform for senior HR professionals, focused on transitioning work environments during and after the pandemic. The last 9 months have led to a significant change in the way we work. Working from Home is the new normal,…

Mind Over Matter

Reading Time: < 1 minute Focus. Patience. Grit. Resilience. The attributes most closely associated with success, yet most frequently overlooked.  As a society, we applaud skills & qualities which are easily visible – physical fitness, business acumen and creativity; but seldom do we notice what’s under the surface, the engine under the hood  – the power of the mind.  Life…