Focus. Relaxed Mind.

  • Beginner level course
  • Guided course by trained experts
  • Give a gap of at least 1 hour between your meal and the session
  • Do not attend if you have severe breathing problems
  • Do not attend if you have very high blood pressure
  • Class duration: 45 min
  • Position: Sitting down
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Our Breathwork class combines over 15 breathing techniques, and is designed to help you use your breath as a tool to enhance your mental wellbeing. In the class, our instructor walks you through a carefully curated sequence of breathing exercises, as you purposefully change your breathing patterns.

Rhythmic breathing exercises help enhance focus, and improve your overall brain health, by promoting the growth of new neural connections. Deep breathing exercises also trigger the relaxation responses in the body, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, making you feel more calm and relaxed.


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