How people meditate with Mindhouse: The Numbers

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Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to help people meditate regularly from the comfort of their home, by growing and evolving the Mindhouse app. We’ve focused on adding more live classes, and building up our ever-growing library of meditation tools, soothing music tracks, and nature soundscapes. In that time, we’ve spotted a few interesting trends, which highlight how our users are meditating with us. So we decided to crunch all the data, and here’s what we found:

Early Birds & Night Owls

Quite a few folks like to kick start their day with a meditation session – 30% of them attend classes between 6am and 10am. We see a slight uptick in the numbers at around 3pm, presumably when people need a quick break from work. And then yet another 30% prefer the time between 5pm and 9pm, to end the work day. Let’s not forget our night owls! Around 15% of our users fire up the app after 10pm, to wind down and help them drift off to dreamland.

Why Meditate?

We looked at the meditation classes people attend, and the various benefits they look for, on our app, to better understand what they’re working towards. With the shift to working from home in recent months, it seems natural that the majority of folks are looking to improve their focus, and to relieve stress – 35% and 30% respectively. Meanwhile, 20% are meditating for better sleep, while 15% are working on improving their patience levels.

Turning Up Regularly

Meditation appears to have become a fixture in the routines of so many of our users, and we’re delighted to have played a big role in making that possible. The average person using our app, meditates for around 50 minutes a week. Whereas those who attend our scheduled classes average a whopping 190 minutes per week, and are 60% more regular than those who opt for the on-demand sessions and tools! This was extremely heartening to see, as there is enough research out there, which indicates that 140 minutes a week is what you need. Needless to say, we’re excited to revisit this statistic a few months from now!

Life In Non-Metros

We were pleasantly surprised to see that a significant number of people using our app are in non-metropolitan areas. We’d expected nearly 80% of our users to be from the 7 major cities, when in fact they account for just about 55% of our total base. Indeed, it’s quite encouraging to see that meditation has such a wide appeal, and is being adopted by folks across the country, to help them find a sense of balance in their daily lives.


What’s clear to us from all these numbers, is just how much flexibility meditation affords you. Whether you prefer meditating early in the morning or the last thing before bed; whether you decided to set aside 20 minutes each day, or two hours over the weekend, the choice is all yours. At the end of the day, it’s alright to start small – just make sure that you start!



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