19th Aug 2020

The Winner’s Mindset

Focus. Patience. Grit. Resilience.

the attributes most closely associated with success, yet most frequently overlooked. 


As a society, we applaud skills & qualities which are easily visible – physical fitness, business acumen and creativity; but seldom do we notice what’s under the surface, the engine under the hood  – the power of the mind. 


Life often throws us curve balls when we least expect them. While there isn’t much we can do to control these situations, we can control how we react to them. A strong mindset can be a force multiplier of any skill and physical strength – it pushes us to do more and do better, even when external circumstances are not in our favour. A weak mindset on the other hand can lead to inefficiency, stress, anxiety and overall reduced productivity even in a positive external situation. 


The right mindset is what differentiates the good from the great. It’s what allows an athlete to stay calm when it’s crunch time, and make that split second decision. It allows the corporate professional to focus and get into that hyper productive zone, when they’re racing against the deadline for a presentation. It enables the chef to multi-task patiently with seemingly infinite ingredients, to put together that one exquisite dish. It makes champions, creators and leaders.


We spoke to some celebrated sportspeople, leaders and creators to understand how mental fitness & strength has played a part in their lives and careers. We bring to you the first film of this series, The Winner’s Mindset, featuring some of India’s most prized athletes – P.V Sindhu, Viren Rasquinha and Saurav Ghosal. 


We hope you enjoy this.

Pooja Khanna, Co-founder, Mindhouse