Join our Research Program Assessing the effectiveness of Mindhouse meditation techniques

• The study is being conducted by researchers at Adelphi University, New York.

• If you volunteer for the study, you will first be asked to complete a short questionnaire survey. Then, you will either be put on a waitlist, or begin the 6-week meditation program.

• The program involves attending 3 meditation sessions (totalling 60 minutes) each week.

• During the program, participants will complete a short, 5-minute survey each day – followed by one final survey once the program ends.

• Participants who successfully complete the study will receive complimentary access to the Mindhouse app for 1 year, and a ₹1000 Amazon gift voucher.

• Participants can choose to forego the ₹1000 Amazon gift voucher, and participate in the study purely as a voluntary activity.

For any questions related to the study, you can reach out to our research partner, and lead researcher of the study Dr. Daniel Lim, at mindhouseresearch@gmail.com.