Live Yoga and Meditation Classes at the comfort of your home

Live Yoga and Meditation Classes

Our programmes have been designed by experts in the field of yoga, modern meditation, breath-work, and mind training techniques. Each of the live yoga classes, and live meditation classes in these programmes is highly personalized & interactive delivered digitally by our best-in-class instructors to help you get a high quality studio experience from the comfort and safety of your home.

Wondering how our live yoga classes and meditation classes work?

We are very transparent about what we do. We, infact, only support techniques and content which is scientifically proven, you will see us talking about research done on Yoga and Meditation helping individuals across our website. If you still have any doubts about the class size, how we take care of your specific needs, the quality of trainers in our Live Yoga classes or Meditation classes, feel free to email us at hello@mindhouse.com, or whatsapp us at +91 99109 99885.