Yoga for diabetes

  • 8 Zoom Sessions
    • Small groups for a more personalized setting
    • Interactive 45 min-1 hour sessions
    • Variations in classes to keep things fresh
  • Expert guidance
    • Best-in-class instructors
    • 1-on-1 progress review twice a month
  • Self-practice sessions on the app

Price: ₹1499 ₹1099 PAY NOW

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Once you sign up, our trainers will call you for a free consultation, to help you customize your classes, and pick the timings for your weekly sessions – multiple slots are available each day.

Sessions in this programme include breathing exercises and yoga postures. Rhythmic breathing exercises help reduce stress and control blood sugar. Carefully designed sequences of postures help make β-cells more sensitive to glucose, thus improving insulin secretion, as well as blood supply to various muscles. Abdominal stretching helps the regeneration of cells in the pancreas – the organ responsible for blood sugar regulation. 

Guided meditation practised in some of the sessions helps reduce the body’s response to stress by lowering the heart rate and inducing a relaxed state of mind. A calmer mind helps moderate stress responses, which lowers the blood glucose levels.

This programme helps with better diabetes management – improving the symptom scores in people already diagnosed with the condition, and also preventing the development of diabetes in high-risk individuals. It also reduces the risk of other complications such as heart disease, retinal scarring, and damage to the nervous system, while helping to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.