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We offer scientifically-backed modern meditation techniques, supplemented with anytime sessions on the app. Regular practice of our classes helps achieve increased productivity and results in benefits like better sleep, improved focus, more patience, and a healthier mind and body.

We offer scientifically backed modern meditation techniques, on the app & offline.

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We make Meditation easy

Learn to meditate step by step with our carefully designed modules for first time practitioners and beginners. Explore our signature meditation sessions designed especially to ease you into the practice of meditation


Tailored for your goals and practical situations

Practice towards your wellbeing goal. Our content is targeted towards practical and everyday use cases such as focus, anxiety, meeting stress, relationships and more, The content on your app is personalized for your longterm and short term goals.


Practice for serious seekers

Dive deep into our diverse range of guided meditations fit for regular practitioners. Carefully curated by Mindhouse, our meditation library features trusted and renowned practitioners


Sleep better with Mindhouse

Our Sleep library is your perfect companion to better sleep and rest. Fall into peaceful slumber with soothing nature sounds, sleep stories, white noise and other tools.


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"My morning meditation classes with Mindhouse have made my work days much more productive! I feel completely fresh & energized through the day, and my ability to focus at work has improved. The cyclic meditation class is my favorite, with an interesting mix of movements and meditation."


Monica Thukral

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Practice with our specially designed content, tailored for your goals

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Chronic Health Management

Mindhouse signature meditation classes

Developed by Mindhouse experts, our signature classes have been designed to ease beginners into the practice. These classes allow advanced practitioners to go deeper into their practice.

Cyclic Meditation

Live Class

Cyclic Meditation

Built on the principles of alternative stimulation and relaxation of muscles, this is the ultimate relaxation technique for your mind and body.

Benefits: Reduces Stress, Improves Digestion, Improved Sleep

Cyclic Meditation
Visualization (Total Calm)

Live Class

Visualization (Total Calm)

With the help of powerful visualization, this class takes you into a state of deep relaxation and total calm.

Benefits: Better Sleep, Relaxed Mind

Visualization (Total Calm)
Musical Mindfulness

Live Class

Musical Mindfulness

Uses music as a hook to train the mind to stay in the present moment, while increasing awareness of one's surroundings.

Benefits: Increased Focus, Increased Happiness, Reduced Stress

Musical Mindfulness

A safe space for sharing and support

Connect, share and grow with like-minded souls.
Join our supportive community- a safe space for open conversations, heartfelt sharing and unwavering support on your well-being journey.

mindhouse mediation community
mindhouse mediation community

Uncover Insights for a Balanced Life

Connect with the wisdom of mindful living through our insightful blog articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some queries to help you get to know us better.

What is Mindhouse?

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Mindhouse is a mental health & wellness platform that offers meditation, therapy and community support based solutions.

Which health goals does Mindhouse offer solutions for?

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Mindhouse offers solutions for a variety of health goals, including focus, chronic health management, depression, grief management, sleep improvement, anxiety reduction, relaxation, pain management, anger management, and boosting self-esteem.

Why should I join a Mindhouse community?

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The Mindhouse community is a safe space for you to share your personal journey and learn from other members. The Mindhouse team also shares credible resources related to your mental health, and offers access to our experts who can address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Are the approaches and techniques backed by science?

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Yes, all of our approaches and techniques for meditation & therapy are backed by scientific research and are evidence-based. We prioritize proven methods to ensure your mental well-being.

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