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New to therapy?
New to therapy?

Common Problems addressed by Therapy

Facing such problems? Talking to a therapist can help!

Therapy for individuals

Therapy for individuals

Explore, understand, and grow with our individual therapy sessions. A safe space for understanding emotions & triggers along with personal growth Your journey to a more fulfilling life starts here

Anxious at work

Generally unhappy

Uncontrollable emotions


Feeling exhausted

Loss of a loved one

Therapy for couples

Therapy for couples

Deepen your connection through couples therapy. Our sessions create a supportive space for understanding, communication, and growth. Begin the journey to a stronger relationship today

Conflicts in the relationship

Commitment issues


Navigating child birth & parenting

Therapy for teens

Therapy for teens

Guide your teen through challenges and growth. Our teen therapy sessions offer a supportive space to understand emotions and build resilience. Embark on the journey to a brighter future

Academic/Career concerns

Body image issues

Navigating breakups

Conflict with family

Sexual identity

Feeling abandoned

Getting Started with Therapy

Confused about how to get started? We have a five steps process to help you out!

Getting Started with Therapy
Acknowledge the problem

Step 1 towards getting help and accepting that you're dealing with something that needs external intervention

Finding the perfect therapist

We help you find the right therapist by providing features such as harmony profile (a short questionnaire that allows us to match you with the ideal therapist) and vibe checks (trial sessions to get to know your therapist before committing)

Taking a Session

Book a session with one of our therapists. This session provides a safe space to share your thoughts, concerns, and goals. It'll help you explore how therapy can be a valuable intervention in your journey

Personalized Plan

Your therapist will collaborate with you to create a personalized plan based on your unique needs. This plan outlines specific goals and a tailored approach to guide your therapeutic journey.

Begin your Journey

With a personalized plan in place, you're ready to embark on your therapeutic journey. Start your sessions, gain insights, and work towards positive change. Your commitment to growth is a powerful step towards well-being.

What are you dealing with?

Mindhouse is here to support you with all your mental health needs. Choose a condition to find matching therapists


Struggling with fatigue, a low mood, demotivation, increased irritability and constantly feeling drained? It might be time to get help

Aakriti Khosla
Dr Seema Aggarwal
Dr Seema Sharma
Bansri Mehta

+5 other therapists


Facing fatigue, a persistent low mood, demotivation, heightened irritability, and a constant sense of being drained? Find ways to keep anxiety at bay by talking to an expert

Aakriti Khosla
Dr Seema Aggarwal
Dr Seema Sharma
Ruchi Srisvatava

+7 other therapists


Wrestling with challenges like difficulty focusing, impulsivity, restlessness, and an ongoing sense of being overwhelmed? It might be time to seek support

Munira Pittalwala
Anjali Mahalke
Srikanth Majjiga

Meet our therapists

Mindhouse is here to support you with all your mental health needs. Choose a condition to find matching therapists


Combined experience of 250+ years

Diverse Backgrounds

Worked in 25+ cities across India

Great Offerings

17+ types of therapeutic approaches

Multi-Lingual Support

Speak 7+ languages

Our Therapists

Mindhouse therapist Munira Pittalwala
Munira Pittalwala

10+ years of experience

M.A. Counselling Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Counselling

Gujarati, Hindi, English

Family Support for Autism & ADHD
Self-improvement & reflection
Family & social conflict

₹ 1000(60 mins)

Next available slot : Friday, 2 PM

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Mindhouse therapist Aakriti Khosla
Aakriti Khosla

8+ years of experience

M.A. Clinical Psychology

Hindi, English

Self-esteem & self-worth
Trauma & abuse
Body image issues
Anger & frustration
Managing Emotions
Loneliness & Guilt
Depressive episodes

₹ 1100(60 mins)

Next available slot : Saturday, 4 PM

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Mindhouse therapist Dr Seema Aggarwal
Dr Seema Aggarwal

7+ years of experience

PhD Counselling Psychology

Hindi, English, Punjabi

Depressive episodes

₹ 1200(60 mins)

Next available slot : Wednesday, 10 AM

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Mindhouse therapist Dr Seema Sharma
Dr Seema Sharma

26+ years of experience

M.A. Psychology, Psy.D Clinical Psychology

Hindi, English, Punjabi

Marital concerns
Academic & career concerns (students)
Break-ups & separation/divorce
Pre-marital concerns
Depressive episodes
Career & work-related concerns
Student Support & Wellness

₹ 1500(60 mins)

Next available slot : Friday, 1 PM

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All of our approaches and techniques for meditation & therapy are backed by scientific research and are evidence-based. We prioritize proven methods to ensure your mental well-being


At Mindhouse, we believe that the journey to mental well-being should be personalized. All our services are personalised to suit your goals, schedule and lifestyle

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What our user's say about therapy

"Therapy sessions with Mindhouse have been nothing short of transformational. I was not sure initially if I needed therapy & given the stigma in society there was a fair bit of reluctance to acknowledge the need & approach therapy. My therapist at Mindhouse alleviated my fears & created a safe, judgment-free, empathetic space for me to share my episodes which had deep-seated issues. The transparency with which my therapist worked with me calmed my nerves & helped me open up & divulge personal details. Over the sessions, I was able to acknowledge, address, & work on them with the therapist's guidance. By the time my sessions concluded, over a few months, I could see a marked improvement in my mental health being & self-awareness."

"I recently tried Mindhouse for the first time and it's been so transformative. I could pick from a short list of therapists that are experts in different kinds of therapy some of which I didn't even know about.. I took a 20 min vibe check session to see if I would gel with one of the therapists on the platform and surprisingly I really connected with my therapist. Like she was my kind of person! Now, I look forward to all my therapy sessions thanks to Mindhouse."

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Sessions start at ₹1000

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